Friday, February 01, 2008

fortunately, I'm already married


Justin said...

Hmmm. I have plenty of my own obscure Internet articles that I read. (If I ask if your blog counts as one, would that come off the wrong way?)

I have a friend at school who just sent a link to his latest project: Lambda Calculus in a can.

'nough said.

Trevor said...

Cool! This looks vaguely familiar for some reason (the calculus, I mean--not the can). I wonder if it's been applied to computational linguistics, which is a likely place where I might have seen it. But the can! That's the revolutionary part! No more calculus spoilage on long computational excursions. Is anyone working on freeze-dried lambda calculus? It might be lighter to carry.

I also like his Slide40. I might have to use that sometime for a presentation at work.

But I think we're already ruining this post, since it's starting to look like we have real friends who are interested in the stuff we read online :-)

Justin said...

Yeah, lambda calculus is used a lot in computational linguistics. The programming language Lisp is based on it.

You're right, though. Better just delete all the comments.