Thursday, January 31, 2008

commence sleeping now

Now that Julie knows I'll complete these silly things just because she tags me, she's merciless. Well, here's payback. You want to know what's the nearest book? Have at it:
הֲקִימוֹתִי instead of הֵקִימוֹתִי
תְּקוּמֶינָה instead of תָּקוּמֶינָה
d. The II yod verbs are, with the exception of the Qal imperfect, imperative and infinitive construct, identical to the II waw verbs in all respects, e.g. קָם and שָׂם.
  • In these exceptions the yod, instead of the waw, functions as a vowel indicator (as the only distinguishing feature of II yod verbs), e.g. קָם and תָּקוּם, but שִׂים and תָּשִׂים.
Ah, Hebrew morphology. Is there anything more exciting? I haven't actually done much with this book lately, but it happens to be one that I keep in my desk, in case the mood strikes to read some Hebrew and I get stuck over a construction.


Julie said...

Well, at least you didn't cheat!

Trevor said...

Not that it would have done much good to cheat. If I went a little further away, I'd run into various manuals from classes I've taken for work. That would have been infinitely worse.

What I should have done is responded after I read Laura's post. Then I might have found something more interesting :-)

Amber Mc said...

snort...that's hilarious. Kinda backfired, huh? :)