Sunday, February 25, 2007

round two

It snowed again today. Kind of a surprise, too, because they were calling for mostly ice. This time I shoveled all of the spaces right in front of our building (meaning, half of the total spaces, or more than that, if you don't count the ones the plow eliminates with its snow pile). That's not as impressive as it sounds--I don't think we got as much this time, and since there were cars parked in them, there wasn't nearly as much space for the snow to accumulate. Besides, it was mostly for my own sake, since I'm hoping to increase our odds of getting a clean space. And it was just enough for me to scratch the snow shoveling itch. (I know that, because when I turned to look at the other side, I wimped out.)

We haven't moved our car yet, so no way to know whether my attitude will be any better this time around. I would appreciate your prayers that this doesn't just add more sin to the pile (which I'm sure is considerably bigger than any of the snow banks out there).

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