Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Today it's still fairly cold--perhaps colder than the past couple of days, though with less wind. They're calling for 1-2 in. of snow. So far, we have a dusting that more or less covers untreated, untraveled pavement and dirt. Sad, that such things should be big news around here, but take what you can get.


Julie said...

There's still time. It's only 7am. They aren't calling for it to really snow until 9am or so. I still doubt that we'll get much though!

Trevor said...

Well, we got our inches. Not sure of the exact amount, but it's a good blanket on the ground. Ian got to do some shoveling and fling snow around, despite Evil Mommy's hiding it from him until after his nap. And I guess I lucked out on my commute. A few minutes late getting home, but nothing like the troubles a lot of people had this morning.