Thursday, November 01, 2007

why I ride the bus

. . . aside from the fact that I'm the world's biggest cheapskate, and my commute is practically free . . .

A snapshot of my morning, before 6:30:

4:10--e-mail & feeds
4:20--breakfast & bills
4:35--teeth & clothes
4:45--walk through the woods to the bus stop, singing, praying, enjoying the great weather we've had this week
4:55--on the bus, listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra* for the first time since last winter, reading on my laptop:
By the time I finish Bp. ARTEMIJE's speech, the bus has reached Scaggsville, where it really starts to fill up. I put the laptop away and slide over by the window to make room. I drift in and out of sleep until we reach Silver Spring, never really losing the plot in Lost Christmas Eve.*
5:55--back outside, across the street to the Metro station
6:00--on the bus, still listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra* (it's a long album, and I repeat a couple of my favorites), standing as usual, just enjoying the music and the sway of the bus; it's full but not terribly crowded this morning
6:20--Medical Center Metro; one more time outside, nice quiet walk across campus; now listening to my Arabic Christmas album from Lebanon*
6:25--in my office; greet the icons and a quick prayer for the tasks ahead

What did you do before 6:30 this morning?

*--Yes, I'm listening to Christmas music! I know it's early, but I really want to learn some Orthodox Christmas songs this year, and I don't learn new songs quickly. Plus, if I can get a jump on things, it hopefully won't be a distraction during the Nativity Fast. I haven't quite decided whether I'll abstain from music in any fashion during the fast or not; if I do, that's even more reason to start now. (I probably won't, at least not altogether--if there's one thing we Orthodox do badly, it's compartmentalize present sorrow from future joy. We can't even get through Good Friday without singing about the Resurrection!) So, as of this morning, my mp3 player is loaded up with Christmas tunes, which still leaves some room for podcasts.


Anonymous said...

Great schedule! Sounds very laid back and relaxed...

The kids and I have been listening to a little Christmas music...why not, right? The decorations are already up.

Jim loves the Transiberian Orchestra, btw...

Laura N.

Trevor said...

So do I, but I was disappointed to find out they have absolutely nothing to do with Siberia :-(

Julie said...

Did you hear that 91.9 was playing Christmas all day yesterday? Probably in protest to evil Halloween. I will be pretty upset if they play Christmas music from now until Christmas. It's just a bit too early.

Trevor said...

Yeah, I may have put it on my mp3 player, but I should clarify that I don't listen to the music that's on there very often. Most of the time I use it for podcasts, and sometimes I just try not to have headphones in. Listening to Christmas music nonstop for the next two months would get pretty annoying.

But is it just me, or does it seem like you're just drawing undue attention to Halloween if you play Christmas music in protest? I don't know of too many people who observe Halloween by listening to any particular music anyway; it probably would have been better just to ignore it.

Justin said...

Slept. Although many nights, read a few research papers before falling asleep.

Trevor said...

Prayer is better than sleep, or so my Muslim friends tell me. One of the few Arabic phrases I have committed to memory:

as-salatu xayrun min an-nawm . . .