Wednesday, May 09, 2007

immigrant problem

This country has an immigrant problem. There are far too many of them, to the point where they're starting to outnumber the natives. It wouldn't be so bad if they'd assimilate, but they live in their own communities, with their own practices, keeping their own cultural identity. Their religion is different, their food is different, and they insist on speaking their own language. They even expect the government to honor their religious obligations, give them time off for their holidays, and provide a forum for their religious expression.

Some people might think that closing the borders will fix the problem, or at least keep it from getting worse, but it's already way too late for that. If there's one thing these immigrants do, it's proliferate. If starting today not another immigrant enters, they'll still overwhelm the population within a few decades. Drastic measures are needed:
  • give them only the worst jobs, the hardest labor--make sure they die early from the strain
  • thin the herd--mandatory abortions, sterilization, taking away their children should all be on the table
  • squash anything that looks like a potential uprising with even tougher measures; they can only be ruled by strength

Our way of life is at stake! We won't remain the greatest nation on earth for long, if we don't do something. Egypt for the Egyptians! Let your voice be heard! Tell Pharaoh to do something about those Asians before it's too late!

While listening to a talk about the Exodus, I was struck by the similarity with our situation today. I'm not saying everything is the same, but if we're going to find ourselves anywhere in the story, as Westerners I think we're most in danger right now of playing the role of the Egyptians. Let's not forget that "orphan" and "widow" are often grouped together with the foreigner/sojourner/stranger/alien as objects of compassion. If anything, the last group takes a special place, because the Israelites were called to remember what happened to them when they were foreigners living in Egypt. We who are always foreigners in this world should remember as well.

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